YOUR:OWN presents: Still Life - An(other) exhibition by Billy

Throughout history, still life painting has proven to capture the essence of time using everyday objects. From the Great Artists to students today, the concept remains a valuable and absorbing way of exploring the relationships between shapes and colour. 

Following the colour chaos of ‘Gossip Calypso’ as part of this years Pictoplasma Character Walk, Billy steps out of the whirl and continues with the second phase of her residency at the HUBstore Berlin with her new exhibition ‘Still Life’.

With a hint of sarcasm, Billy presents her own light-hearted still life installation capturing a positive moment in time. It is a visual exploration on growth and trends depicting how life is anything but still. That is until some objects are placed on a table, arranged in a fun and interesting way and multiple drawings and paintings are made of them and eventually stuck on the wall for people to look at and enjoy. 

Join Billy for her third solo show in the year 2013 as she recognizes that there is always too much to do and real life never stays still.

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